About Us

Over 30 years of continued excellence

More than 30 years ago, the foodservice industry had ready-to-serve, fresh-cut vegetables, but no ready-to-serve, fresh-cut fruit. Sun Rich USA saw the need for this sweet and healthy addition, so our fresh-cut food company was founded in June 1988.

In the early days, we processed our high-quality, fresh-cut fruit with just a staff of four. Today, we have high-volume processing Fresh Facilities in Los Angeles, CA and Reading, PA. We supply everything from pails filled with a single type of precision-cut fruit to fresh salad kits that are ready to mix and serve, and our customers range from foodservice providers to retailers.

With a recent and welcome increased demand for fresh-cut fruit, consumers, foodservice operators, and retailers are looking for healthy and easy-to-use alternatives for mealtimes. In response, we're proud to deliver fresh, safe, and convenient fruit that is as delicious as it is economical.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a fresh food experience that is unparalleled in quality and freshness in the most social and fiscally responsible way.

In partnering with the world's most successful brands, we will seek excellence in providing industry-leading brand protection and high-quality food solutions. We will engage all stakeholders with conscious regard for social and fiscal responsibility.

Our Vision

At Sun Rich USA, we focus on creating extraordinary value as a market leader providing safe, convenient and delicious fresh food solutions.

We endeavor continuously to be a world-class food company that exceeds our customer's expectations with safe, fresh, convenient and delicious food that creates extraordinary value.

We're Driven By Our Core Values

Respect People

Treat people fairly and respect that everyone has the ability to think, learn and improve.

Embody a Culture of Safety Excellence

Always do the right thing to protect our people, our brand and our customer’s brand.

Drive Sustainability

Achieving excellence in innovation and performance in a sustainable manner. Success depends on the commitment of everyone.

Be Agile

Embrace and manage change to be competitive and innovative.

Love Food and Everything Associated With Food

A passion for food drives innovation and performance.

Embrace Diversity

We celebrate the uniqueness of all people to create a place where everyone feels valued and respected.

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