For Foodservice

With quality that's high enough to accompany any meal, you can confidently serve our precision-cut fruit knowing it's fresh and healthy.

  • Ready to use, just scoop and serve
  • Consistent cut, quality, and flavor.
  • Reduces your food safety risk.
  • No waste, just 100% yield
  • Takes up less cooler space and easier to inventory
  • Adds color, eye appeal, fresh taste, and crunch to salad bars, buffets, and prepared dishes
"…Sun Rich USA has provided fresh cut fruit for the foodservice operation here at the Cadet Mess. The quality and variety of fruit is top notch... the Sun Rich product is a winner with cadets on appearance and fresh flavor.” John F., Foodservice Officer, US Army, West Point Military Academy

Sun Rich USA fresh-cut fruit products are purchased by thousands of foodservice operators across North America. In addition to servicing local operations through various distribution arrangements, Sun Rich partners with many national and large regional accounts across the US to help them meet the growing menu trend toward fresh, preservative-free cut fruit.

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No Preservative

Get more freshness!

No Preservative fruit delivers better quality than other pre-cut fruit offerings with better food safety, consistency, and cost-effectiveness than on-premise cutting.

Get more customers!

More and more consumers are demanding healthier choices on your menu. They want fresh, all natural choices without preservatives or pasteurization.

Get more practical!

No Preservative product has an amazing 18-day shelf life. It is packed in square pails to maximize shipping and storage space is clean and easy to handle. No Preservative saves you time and money while giving your customers a superior fresh fruit experience.

Fruit Salads

Our portfolio of fruit salads give you options to serve while having one thing in common: convenience. Well, two things: They're all mouth-wateringly delicious!

  • Fruit Salad
    The classic fruit salad that customers return for time and time again. Fruit Salad features juicy orange sections, pineapple chunks, sweet honeydew and cantaloupe chunks, and crisp red seedless grapes.

  • Rio Citrus Salad
    A perfect combination of sweet and tangy that guests love! A mix of pineapple, juicy orange sections, luscious grapefruit segments, and crisp red seedless grapes.

"…allows me to provide fresh fruit all year long… The labor savings PLUS the ‘kick it up a notch’ look this product provided will make it a staple on every order… and on every wedding buffet I create” Debi B., Caterer


When the regular Sun Rich USA chunk product is too large for easy consumption (i.e. in healthcare facilities), try our Diced-Cut fruit products. A lot of flavors can still be packed into a small bite.

Orange, grapefruit, cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, and fruit salads are all available in Diced-Cut. Diced-Cut fruit salads are free of grapes for ease of chewing and swallowing.

For more information on this product specifically designed for the healthcare foodservice industry, please call us at 1-800-661-0087 or email our Customer Service team.



Unrivalled in color and taste, our Rio Red grapefruit is red and sweet. The Rio Red season lasts from November to May. Sweet in more ways than one, this tasty citrus can be a profit center depending on your menu applications and serving suggestions.

Serving Ideas:

  • Include in a salad bar for a fun burst of color
  • Ideal for breakfast Grill it and add brown sugar (even sweeter!)
  • Easy for airline trays



Cantaloupe, Honeydew, and Watermelon

We have a knack at selecting honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon that are extraordinarily juicy and sweet.

Prepared in a variety of special cuts to give more choice to your customers.

Serving Ideas:

  • Include in a salad bar for extra color Ideal for breakfast
  • Give cold melon soup a try
  • Excellent source of vitamins


Chunks and Spears

All of our pineapple is sourced from the finest crop available during harvest.

Serving ideas:

    • Provide it as a garnish
    • Dip it in chocolate
    • Grill spears for an exotic side dish
    • Try it on a kebab with chicken or in a burger
    • Hawaiian pizza anyone?




    It's hard to beat a nice, juicy orange. And that's exactly what we look for as we continually monitor groves in California, Arizona, and Florida for the best Valencia and Navel oranges.

    Serving Ideas:

    • Ideal for breakfast
    • Throw sections in a salad
    • Always a hit with the kids, and oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C


    Biting into a piece of crisp, sweet apple is practically a favorite past time. So a variety of the finest red and green are on order, available in a number of package shapes and sizes to ensure you can serve your customer their favorite any time of the year.

    Serving Ideas:

    • Pair with cheese for a perfect snack
    • Throw pieces in a salad
    • Add them to baking
    • A hit with kids, they're an excellent source of vitamin C

    "We have found that by adding fresh cut apples to our menu it has given our customers more choices… Apples only compliment what we are already doing with our brand."Tina F., Independent Purchasing Cooperative