At Sun Rich USA, we understand that we’re all connected and need to live together in balance. Every day, we care for the communities we live and work in, the people we work with and the earth we share.

Together, We Strive To:

  • Minimize and re-use water in processing
  • Use recycled material in our corrugated packaging
  • Recycle and compost waste
  • Use energy-efficient lighting and refrigeration wherever possible
  • Optimize delivery routes and truck loading for efficient fuel usage.
  • Reduce our environmental footprint

Responsible Sourcing

  • The efforts of our suppliers are equally important, so we choose to work with those who also value sustainability.
  • All of our growers and packers are required to follow “Good Agricultural Practices.”
  • We support sustainable farming practices.
  • We ensure our packaging is made from post-consumer recycled materials when possible.

Our People and Community

  • We care for the people we work with and for the communities where we live and work together.
  • Our culture, which focuses on our values, continuous improvement and celebrating diversity, is an essential factor in our success.
  • We are proud to provide more tens of thousands of servings of fresh fruit per year to local community agencies dedicated to providing food and related assistance to those in need in the communities where we have facilities.
  • Our employees believe in giving back to local communities through volunteer work and contributions. In addition to participation in several customer events, our employees are actively involved with many local non-profit organizations and charities.